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David  Miller

David Miller

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Phone: 858-534-3131

Experimental engineering physics, surface physics, gas dynamics and molecular beams.

Professor Miller is interested in such things as thin magnetic cluster films, friction at the molecular level and gas dynamics of supersonic free-jet expansions. He also has an interest in supercritical fluids. These fluids exhibit liquid-like density and gas-like diffusivities, and are therefore good mixers, making them ideal for chemical reactions. Miller spends much of his time studying the fluid mechanics, physics and chemistry involved in supercritical fluid reactions. He is also interested in molecular beam scattering experiments in which a molecular beam is formed and bounced off of a surface in a vacuum; studying the process to shed new light on chemical reactions. Apart from using molecular beams, Miller's current research involves experiments using gas dynamics, and physics of the gas-surface interface. In his current administrative position he works closely with the SVCAA. He plans and coordinates new academic programs and initiatives, instructional technology, and resource allocations of faculty, space and general campus operating budgets.

David R. Miller is Associate Vice Chancellor - Academic Planning and Resources, as well as Professor of Chemical Engineering in the MAE Department. He received his BS degree from UC Berkeley and his Ph.D. degree from Princeton University before joining the faculty at UCSD in 1966. He has served as Chairman of AMES, as Acting Dean of Engineering, and as Associate Dean of Engineering. He has received the Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award, the Alumni Association Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, and the Chancellor's Associates UCSD Award for Excellence in Teaching.