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Andrea  Tao

Andrea Tao

Associate Professor

Department of NanoEngineering


Phone: 858-822-4237

How do nanomaterials interact with their environment? Interfaces play a fundamental role in dictating the physical properties and emerging phenomena of low-dimensional materials such as nanowires, nanoparticles, and quantum dots. We are interested in the synthesis and surface chemistry of nanoscale materials, particularly colloidal systems that can be used to build functional assemblies using a bottom-up approach. Our research focuses on new approaches for the rational assembly and integration of nanomaterials into polymer-based composites and biological systems. Current research projects in our group include: (1) real-time biosensing using metal nanoparticles; (2) large-scale assembly of nanoparticles into macroscopic structures; and (3) responsive nanoparticle composites for optical materials. Within these projects, a major thrust of our group will be engineering plasmonic nanostructures that can be used to focus and manipulate light.