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Yitzhak  Tor

Yitzhak Tor


Chemistry and Biochemistry


Phone: 858-534-6401

Ligand-nucleic acid interactions; Metal-containing materials; New emissive molecules

Professor Tor combines ligand design with coordination chemistry to develop novel modular approaches for the synthesis and assembly of new materials. The versatility of organic synthesis--together with abundance of metal ions with different coordination numbers, geometries and redox potentials--make this combination a powerful tool for the construction of complex architectures in solution or in the solid state. The ultimate goals of our program are to synthesize useful materials, and to develop a fundamental understanding of the physical and chemical properties of large metal-containing assemblies.

B.Sc. Tel Aviv University, 1982; Ph.D. The Weizmann Institute of Science, 1990; Postdoctoral Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1990-1993; Appointed to faculty, University of Chicago, 1993-1994; Appointed to faculty, 1994-; Hellman Faculty Fellowship, 1996.