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MATS 200 - Graduate Seminar (0 units)

  • Instructor: Professor Olivia A. Graeve
  • Course Requirements
    • MATS 200 seminar students are expected to attend and listen to 9  seminars per quarter. You can choose the 9 seminars from any seminar held within UCSD’s Engineering department or related engineering (chemistry, physics) fields. The 9 seminars should be summarized and the write-ups turned in no later than the deadline announced ea. quarter using the MATS 200 Graduate Seminar Form
  • Coursework
    • The summary for each seminar (at least ½ page, single-spaced) should include the seminar title, speaker's name and affiliation, date of the seminar, and a brief description of the seminar.  You may optionally comment on the quality of the seminar, analysis, and interpretations of the speaker, and discuss whether you agree or disagree with the speaker's analysis/conclusions.
    • The participation in seminars is to improve skills for extracting useful knowledge from a short presentation and is a part of your professional training.
  • Reminders
    • MS students must enroll for 3 three quarters.
    • PHD students must enroll for 6 six quarters.


Students enrolled in MATS 200 will use the MATS 200 Graduate Seminar Form to submit their MATS 200 Graduate Seminar Write-Ups (see requirements above) each quarter so that they can be reviewed for credit an to receive a 'Satisfactory' grade for the quarter.


Seminar Suggestions for Students enrolled in MATS 200:


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