Letter from the Director

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Dear Colleagues, Students, and Friends:

Advanced materials are shaping our modern world in many visible and invisible ways, revolutionizing the ways in which we communicate, calculate, travel, and diagnose and treat diseases, among many others. At UC San Diego, materials science and engineering is a story of growth and innovation. With more than 100 dedicated faculty members, we prioritize the support, success, and mentorship of our students, and provide them with access to state-of-the-art facilities.

We strive to give our students the opportunity to become 2nd-century trailblazers, students that will define not just the 21st century, but become the foundational scientists and engineers for the technologies that will lead us into the 22nd century. This comes at a time of worldwide transition from a linear, performance-oriented materials paradigm to a circular and sustainable economy that is based on information. With this, we are uniquely embracing innovative topics such as data-driven and sustainable materials design as part of our curriculum.

Our goals and values are defined by:

Excellence: Our distinctive campus-wide program connects teaching and research to stimulate exceptional academic scholarship, intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and personal growth at all levels of graduate education.
Professionalism: Our award-winning faculty promote cross-fertilization between theoretical and practical inquiries, encourage bold research with state-of-the-art facilities, and pursue opportunities for professional engagement.
Shared Values: We serve in a climate of integrity, respect, and inclusiveness, while embracing independent thinking, excellent scientific practice, accountable leadership, and social responsibility.
Global Responsibility: We foster interdisciplinary approaches, international collaboration, and a commitment to global sustainability in all steps of the innovation process.

Our hope and aspirations are that our research, teaching, and mentorship will propel the scientific revolution for the betterment of society, with compassion, kindness, integrity, and justice. We invite you to explore our website and visit us! You are welcome at our beautiful UC San Diego campus.


Olivia A. Graeve, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Program in Materials Science and Engineering
University of California San Diego