Jan Talbot


Professor Emerita

Research Focus
Electrodeposition, information display screening technology, chemical mechanical polishing, solid state lighting materials, electrochemical transport phenomena

Research Summary

Professor Talbot's current research areas include electrophoretic deposition of phosphors and nanosized materials, chemical mechanical polishing, and thermochemical hydrogen production. Talbot is particularly interested in synthesis and deposition of phosphors for solid state lighting. She also studies electrodeposition of nanocomposite films. 

Jan Talbot
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Jan Talbot joined the UCSD faculty in 1986 after receiving her Ph.D. in chemical engineering and materials science that same year from the University of Minnesota. In 2001-02, she was president of the 8,000-member Electrochemical Society, and previously served as editor of the society's Interface publication. She is a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society.  She was the Chair of the UCSD Academic Senate in 2003-04.  Talbot is the Director of the Jacobs School's Chemical Engineering Program. From 1975-81, she worked as a development engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (TN).