Paul Yu

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Focus
Microwave photonics, with research on electronic and opto-electronic devices and advanced materials for use in photonic devices.

Research Summary

For more than thirty years, Professor Yu has been working on devices that enhance the performance of telecommunications networks. His current focus on transmitting microwave signals through optical fiber has the potential to revolutionize communications by paving the way for broadband speeds faster than today's systems. While working on devices that may not reach the commercial market for five years or longer, Yu can speak about the challenges that academic and industry researchers face as they push fiber transmission at higher speeds, while improving efficiency as well. Yu is also an expert on the increasing uses of photonic approaches to what had been exclusively electronic applications, and can explain advances in state-of-the-art photonic devices such as laser diodes, high power lasers, external modulators, optical amplifiers, and photodetectors. At UCSD, Yu is part of the Materials Science and Engineering and IEM programs. He works on integrating materials on the Si platform for the realization of advanced optoelectronic devices.

Paul Yu
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Paul K.L. Yu joined the UC San Diego (UCSD) faculty in 1983 and currently serves as the Provost of Revelle College at UCSD. Since January 2000, Yu has been an academic participant in the Calit2 Materials and Devices group. He is a Fellow IEEE, AAAS, Optica, and SPIE. He has published and presented more than 300 papers in photonics and optoelectronics. He received his Ph.D. from Caltech in 1983.